About Startup Rebel

Startup Rebel is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build businesses that last. We offer products and services that focus on long-term business and marketing strategies. Our products include newsletters, home study courses and marketing tools.

About The Founder

Jarod Lam is the founder of Startup Rebel and an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in marketing.

Jarod has written advertisements, sales letters, radio commercials, brochures and press releases for startups, mid-sized companies and public-listed corporations. He has worked in extremely competitive industries including software, education and health supplements.

Prior to starting Startup Rebel, he owned a career consulting business that helps job seekers market themselves effectively. Jarod founded Startup Rebel with the mission to help entrepreneurs build long-term sustainable businesses and avoid the mistakes he made in his business career.

What Makes Jarod Different?

1. He practises what he preaches. He has tested and implemented almost all the strategies, tactics and campaigns that he teaches.

2. He graduated from the school of hard knocks. He has made many mistakes in his career and business and he’s not ashamed to talk about them. Sometimes, the best person to learn from is the person who made more mistakes than you.

3. He is a big believer in long-term marketing strategies. He’s not interested in any “marketing secret” of the month. So, if you want marketing strategies that will still work years from now, he’s your man.