The Five Biggest Outsourcing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Recently, we interviewed Alice Seba of on outsourcing. We asked her to list the five biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make.  Below is an excerpt from her revealing 1-hour interview with us.

Mistake #1: Completely task or project-based outsourcing.

In other words, hiring someone to complete a specific task or project when the need arises. Instead, they should be focusing on gathering long-term valuable members of their team.

I’m thinking that this goes to the question before, I see people who are constantly going to the freelance sites, and trying to find a new person, or trying to find the cheapest person, even though they are looking for quality, they’re still looking for the cheapest person.

Each time they need it, they are looking for someone new, and it’s so much easier if you find someone good and keep them busy. And, it’s not just that you keep that new person.

It means that your business can continue to run smoothly, because the people who work for me… I don’t have to talk with them all the time. Read more

How To Get Free Traffic From Forums Without Writing A Single Post

Online forums can be a good source for traffic. Now, I’m not suggesting that you spam forums, i.e. posting promotional messages.

I’m talking about contributing informative and helpful content in forums. And in your posts, you can include a link to your website in your signature.

Occasionally, you can link to a post on your blog that’s relevant to the discussion.

But here’s the problem with using forums to generate traffic… you have to keep posting to get traffic. Read more

A 5-Second Copywriting Strategy To Increase Your Sales

If you sell a general product to a general market, here’s a simple yet effective copywriting strategy that will increase your sales.

Let’s say you wrote an ebook that teaches job hunters how to get a job in 30 days. And you wrote a sales letter with the headline:

“How To Get A Job In 30 Days Or Less.”

Now, you may be able to generate some sales with that letter. But here’s a strategy that will boost your sales. It’s so simple that it’s surprising how many experienced marketers overlook it.

It’s called market segmentation. Read more

Why Recession Is The Best Time For Entrepreneurs

If you watch or read the news, you’ll probably think the sky is falling. For instance…

Wall Street had the biggest plunge in history last week.

Banks are going bankrupt.

Hundreds of thousands of people are jobless.

You know what? This is actually great news.

The recession represents the best opportunity for anyone who wants to start or grow their business. Here are three reasons why: Read more

A Simple Strategy To increase Your Viral Report’s Distribution By 400%

One of the most effective ways to generate free traffic is to distribute free viral reports. If you’re new to this strategy, here’s how it works:

Step One: You write a report in Microsoft Word. The report can be anywhere from 3 to 70 pages and will contain links to your website.

Step Two: You convert it into a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat software. A PDF file is a universal file that can be opened by PCs as well as Macs.

Step Three: You give it away to your website visitors and newsletter subscribers.

If your readers find the information valuable, they will pass it to their friends and colleagues. Then, their friends and colleagues will pass it to their own circle of friends and colleagues. Read more

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