How To Predict Whether Your Business, Product Or Traffic Strategy Will Succeed

Whenever you launch a new business, product or traffic strategy, you’ll always wonder, “Will this work? Or am I just wasting my time and money?”

Well, today is your lucky day. I’m going to show you how to tell if your business, product or traffic strategy will succeed.

All you have to do is to ask two simple questions:

Question 1: What is your business, product or traffic strategy’s magic?

What do I mean by magic? I’m referring to your competitive edge, your unique selling proposition.

In other words, what makes your business, product or traffic strategy special? What makes them unique?

For example, if you have an Adsense website, what’s so special about it?

  • Does it have a unique design?
  • Does it have unique content?
  • Does it have original content?
  • Does it have frequently updated content?
  • Is there a reason for your visitor to return to your site?
  • Is there a reason for your visitor to tell her friends about your site?

If you answered “No” to two or more of the questions, your site has no magic. As such, it will not achieve long-term success unless you make major changes to it.

If you answered “Yes” to two or more of the questions, then your site has an advantage over other Adsense sites in your market.

However, don’t jump for joy yet. Here comes the next big question…

Question 2: How easy is it for other businesses to copy or crush your magic?

It is such an important question that it amazes me how so many entrepreneurs don’t ask themselves that question. And that’s probably why they struggle or fail in their business.

If your competitive edge can be easily duplicated or crushed by your competition, it’s game over. You won’t stand a chance in any highly crowded market.

That’s why so many internet entrepreneurs whose business is built on:

  • resell rights ebooks
  • private label articles
  • private label web templates
  • software-generated web pages
  • Adsense arbitrage
  • affiliate products

…struggle to generate consistent profits.

Their websites and products can easily be duplicated by anyone. Anyone!

Ultimately, all strategies, products and websites can duplicated by your competitors but the issue here is the ease of duplication. If one or two companies duplicate or crush your products, you’ll still survive.

For instance, Linux and Open Office are cheaper versions of Microsoft Windows and Office respectively. But they didn’t put Microsoft out of business.

On the other hand, if your product is a resell rights ebook or a private label Adsense website that anyone can buy for $50 to $100 and start competing with you, then you’ve got a serious problem.

So, what you need to do is to evaluate your competitive strategies. If any of your strategies is easy to duplicate, drop them. If they are hard to duplicate, keep them.

For strategies that are somewhere in the middle, you need to improve them, so that it’s extremely difficult for competitors to duplicate them.

Remember, if anyone can do what you do, it’s NOT a competitive advantage.

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