Richard Branson’s New Book “Screw It, Let’s Do It”

I’d like to share with you a new book I just read. It’s called “Screw It, Let’s Do It” by Richard Branson.

If you want to get rich doing what you love, there’s no better person to learn it from than Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Music, Airlines and a few hundred businesses.

In his book, Branson says that everything he’s ever done, he did it because it’s fun.

Money is always secondary. It is important but it’s never his main motivator. If a business stops being fun, he’d quit and move on to something else.

Did you know he quit school at 16 and started his first business? It was a magazine called Student and he says it was a party every day.:)

They worked hard, played hard and hung out with celebs like John Lennon and the Rolling Stones. Eventually, he sold off the magazine to start Virgin Music. And the rest is history.

One of the most interesting parts of the book is how he bought Necker Island.

If you’ve seen his Rebel Billionaire show, you’d have seen his beautiful private island on the Atlantic. He bought it for less than 200,000 pounds. He couldn’t afford it initially but he found ways to get the money.

You see, this book doesn’t offer a blueprint to make millions but it allows you to get a glimpse into his mindset.

His mindset is what makes him a billionaire.

The average person would say, “I can’t afford the island. Forget about it!”

But Branson, knowing he couldn’t afford it, proceeded to find ways to buy the island. And that mindset is what separates the rich and the poor.

People think being rich is about education, experience, connections, intelligence, skills, creativity.

It’s not. It’s your mindset.

In his book, Branson shows you how he thinks and how he makes decisions. And that is priceless.

So, run to your nearest book shop and grab a copy. It’s cheap and a quick read. You can finish it in a few hours.

And remember to have fun in your business!


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