How To Save Time By Improving Your Personal Work Space

Let’s take a look at your own personal work environment and how organizing it can save you time. Look at your desk. Is it cluttered?

You should only have eight to nine things on your work surface at any one time. Items used on a daily basis should be kept within reach but those that are used every other day or less frequently can be relegated to nearby drawers. Items that you may only need weekly or monthly can be stored in a supply closet.

Filing must be done on a regular basis. It is okay to keep a file out that you need to use within the next two days but anything else should be returned as soon as possible. You are wasting time looking for files when you allow them to stack up in your work area and, in turn, other people are unable to access them at all.

Set discard dates for all your paper and computer files. These dates may be regulated by law depending what type of industry you are working in so make sure you check if there are any laws governing file retention.

Make a spot on your desk just for incoming items. Label it and make others aware of it. You might even wish to put an inbox on the wall outside your door. This will further reduce interruptions to your busy day.

Keep a master calendar which lists deadlines for all the projects you are currently working on. You don’t have to remember everything. Writing down deadlines and appointments not only frees your mind to deal with other problems, it gives you a visual image of what your days and weeks look like. Keeping everything in one place allows you to refer to it easily.

Finally, improving your telephone skills can improve your productivity. When you have to leave a message, make sure to speak slowly and clearly. Give your number at the beginning and the end of the message. Even when you are leaving a message for a repeat customer, do not assume that they already have your number. If you have an unusual name, spell it.

Following these tips will greatly increase your chances of getting a response to your message. Since you make business phone calls to procure some sort of information that is necessary for the completion of a task, it is vital that your calls be returned.


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