The Truth About Search Engine Submission

Some of the most frequently asked questions about search engine optimization are:

Should I submit my site to search engines and directories? Should I submit manually or automatically using a software?

The truth is search engines hate automatic submissions. They get millions of attempted automatic submissions each day and, as a result, go to great lengths to try to stop them – such as requiring passwords and/or fill-in details before the submission is accepted.

As for directories, automatic submission software has been banned by many because it cannot always place links in relevant categories. In addition, whether you hire a directory submitter or use submission software yourself, you are essentially setting your site up for failure.

Getting too many incoming links too quickly or submitting the same site to the major engines repeatedly can be seen by search engines as spamming and get your site banned entirely.

Submitting your site manually gives you control over where it will be listed. Automatic submitters may list your site with an engine you have never heard of in a country you have never even visited or even worse, they could be associating your site with sites that you find objectionable, such as those that contain pornography. When you submit your own site, you decide what category it will be listed under.

You don’t want your site to end up in the general directory or the miscellaneous category where it may never again be seen by human eyes.

Every site should be marketed differently and submitted to different engines and directories depending on its intended audience. Automatic submission does not give you the option to do this.

Finally, manual submission is the only way to choose the descriptions and keywords that you think will be most effective in the promotion of your site, as most engines and directories allow you to choose your own.

Common Myths About Search Engine Submission

1. Search engine submission requires a lot of research.

Almost every search engine and directory has a link labeled “Add a site” or “Submit URL” which will take you directly to their submission form. All you have to do is follow their rules and enter your information carefully.

2. Your website should be listed in all search engines.

If you list your website with the top tier search engines, it will find its own way into the second tier and beyond. In fact, you don’t even have to submit your website at all for it to be listed, search engine spider’s are constantly combing the web and will eventually find your site on their own if your site contains links to other sites.

3. Your website should be submitted on a weekly or monthly basis.

Actually, continually submitting your site can be classified as spamming and result in your site’s banishment from a search engine’s database. As a general rule, do not resubmit a new version of a page unless you have an unfavorable ranking.

4. Good submission is costly.

The truth is you don’t have to pay a submission service to submit your site to the search engines. In fact, submission to most major search engines is free.

What You Should Know About Search Engine Submission Services

Be particularly careful of companies that guarantee search engine positioning. These claims usually take one of three forms:

1. A guarantee of top rankings coupled with a promise to keep working on achieving top rankings until that goal is accomplished. These companies are only interested in your initial payment and have no intention of continuing to do anything.

2. Promises of first page listings on Google and/or Yahoo. These companies do not make it clear that they are referring to “sponsored results” and NOT “natural listings.” They will charge you a set monthly fee and only spend a tiny portion of it generating traffic to your site from sponsored listings.

3. “Money Back Guarantee” that a certain percentage of your keywords will receive top rankings on the “major” search engines. Their list of “major” search engines includes several small and/or outdated engines that are very easy to achieve top rankings in. Only the search engines themselves can guarantee top listings and ethically they can only do this through sponsored listings.


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