10 Critical Elements Of A Powerful Sales Page

Whether you’re selling an ebook, a physical product or a service, you need a powerful sales page to convert prospects into customers.

And in order for your sales page to be effective, there are ten critical elements you should include:

1. Powerful introduction – The opening paragraph of your sales page should be powerful enough to grab your prospect’s interest. A good introduction will draw them into the rest of your sales page. Show your prospects from the start why they should read the entire sales page.

2. Create your own USP – USP stands for unique selling proposition. Your sales page must clearly explain how your product is uniquely superior to your competition and why it is the only solution your customer needs.

3. Use your customer’s language – In your sales page, the language you use plays a vital role. You should always use the type of language that your customer uses to show empathy.

4. Bonuses – You should offer free bonuses in your sales page and they should be so valuable that customers are eager to buy your main product just to get the bonuses.

5. Make the ordering process easy and customer friendly – When creating your sales page, always assume that your customer is a complete idiot and has no experience in ordering online. Make it absurdly easy by giving them step-by-step instructions.

6. Credibility – Your credibility is very important when you are selling any product online. In your sales page, include testimonials that feature the results from using your product as well as your customer’s name. As long as your testimonials are believable, they will increase your sales.

7. Strong guarantee – We’re now living in a skeptical and cynical era. Therefore, people are very skeptical about buying any product online. The best way to reduce their skepticism is to offer an iron clad guarantee.

8. Post Script – A post script should be included to summarize your product’s benefits. It should also re-emphasize why your product is the only solution they’re looking for.

9. Emphasize benefits – Emphasizing the benefits of your product is an important rule of copywriting. Unfortunately, it is generally overlooked. Many entrepreneurs tend to focus on product features instead. Product features only tell prospects what your product does. You need to tell them how your product will save money and time for them.

10. Contact information – The moment a prospect decides to buy your product, he will look for your contact information. Therefore, your mailing address, email address or phone number must be included on the sales page. The prospect will feel at ease knowing that he can get in touch with you if required.

Once you have included these ten critical elements in your sales pages, you should see an increase in your conversion rates and sales.


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