The Five Biggest Outsourcing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Recently, we interviewed Alice Seba of on outsourcing. We asked her to list the five biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make.  Below is an excerpt from her revealing 1-hour interview with us.

Mistake #1: Completely task or project-based outsourcing.

In other words, hiring someone to complete a specific task or project when the need arises. Instead, they should be focusing on gathering long-term valuable members of their team.

I’m thinking that this goes to the question before, I see people who are constantly going to the freelance sites, and trying to find a new person, or trying to find the cheapest person, even though they are looking for quality, they’re still looking for the cheapest person.

Each time they need it, they are looking for someone new, and it’s so much easier if you find someone good and keep them busy. And, it’s not just that you keep that new person.

It means that your business can continue to run smoothly, because the people who work for me… I don’t have to talk with them all the time. Read more