How To Write Ebooks Quickly And Easily

In another article, I mentioned that how-to ebooks are the best selling ebooks in the world. So, they are a great way to supplement your online profits.

But the problem is most people dread writing. I know I do.

You have no idea how much effort is required just to write a 30-page ebook like the Startup Rebel Adsense Blueprint. (If you’re wondering what is the Adsense Blueprint, click here to find out.)

So, in this article, I’m going to discuss the six ways you can write ebooks quickly and easily.

1. Record your seminar

Here’s a neat way to get paid to write your ebook: Organize and conduct a seminar.

It can be a live seminar or a teleseminar. Your clients will pay a fee to attend the seminar and then, you record the entire seminar in video or audio format.

Then, send the files to a transcriptionist. In a week or so, you’ll have the first draft of your ebook ready. All you need to do now is to edit and proofread it.

2. Record your interview

If you don’t like public speaking, another way is to get someone to interview you. Record the entire interview and get it transcribed.

3. Edit and sell public domain books

There are many published books with lapsed copyright. The work belongs to the public now, hence the term “public domain.”

And that means you can edit and sell the books without having to pay royalty to the original writer.

4. Hire a ghostwriter

If you don’t have any expertise on the topic that your market wants, you can hire a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is someone who will research the topic and write the ebook for you. You’ll own the rights to the ebook forever and get credit for the work.

There’s nothing unethical about this. Many celebrities use ghostwriters to write their memoirs or biography. So, this is an option that you should consider if you don’t have any marketable expertise.

5. Interview experts

Another way to leverage other people’s expertise is to interview experts. Many experts will agree to an interview if the benefits are attractive to them.

You can offer them publicity and exposure for their products and services in return for their time. So, be sure to craft an irresistible offer before you approach experts for interviews.

6. Acquire resell rights or private label rights

You can also obtain the resell rights or private label rights to ebooks. Resell rights allow you can sell the ebook and keep all the profits but you can’t edit or claim ownership of the work.

On the other hand, private label rights allow you to edit and sell the ebook with your name on it.

To look for resell rights or private label rights ebooks, just do a search on Google.

And there you have it. Six quick and easy ways to write your ebook.

Since how-to ebooks are extremely lucrative, the market is also extremely competitive. So, you need a competitive edge before you start writing and selling your ebook or you’ll get whacked by your competitors with bigger marketing budgets.

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Even with a small budget, you can succeed in any highly crowded market using the strategies in the course.


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