How To Write Ebooks Quickly And Easily

In another article, I mentioned that how-to ebooks are the best selling ebooks in the world. So, they are a great way to supplement your online profits.

But the problem is most people dread writing. I know I do.

You have no idea how much effort is required just to write a 30-page ebook like the Startup Rebel Adsense Blueprint. (If you’re wondering what is the Adsense Blueprint, click here to find out.)

So, in this article, I’m going to discuss the six ways you can write ebooks quickly and easily. Read more

The Best Selling Ebooks Of All Time Revealed

Do you know what’re the best selling ebooks of all time?

It’s how-to ebooks.

People are starving for information. They want an instruction manual on how to do just about everything in life. They want to learn how to:

  • get a job
  • get a date
  • start a business
  • dance like professional
  • sell on eBay
  • play Texas Hold ‘Em
  • lose weight

The how-to book market is so lucrative that one book publisher built a million dollar franchise book series. You may have heard of it. Read more