The Best Selling Ebooks Of All Time Revealed

Do you know what’re the best selling ebooks of all time?

It’s how-to ebooks.

People are starving for information. They want an instruction manual on how to do just about everything in life. They want to learn how to:

  • get a job
  • get a date
  • start a business
  • dance like professional
  • sell on eBay
  • play Texas Hold ‘Em
  • lose weight

The how-to book market is so lucrative that one book publisher built a million dollar franchise book series. You may have heard of it.

It’s called the “Dummies” books.

There are other similar book series too and most of them are doing quite well. “The Everything” series, “Idiot’s Guide” series and others are all cashing in on the how-to phenomenon.

You could cash in by creating your own ebooks on any or all of the subjects covered in any of those series.

Here’s an effective way to determine whether your ebook idea is marketable. Just visit and check out their list of titles.

If you can find a Dummies book on the topic of your choice, there’s a market for it.

Specific Information Sells

Ebooks, due to their brevity and are marketed primarily online, can target smaller audiences. You don’t have to write a universal book like “How to use a computer.”

Ebooks can cover more specific topics. In other words, you can create ebooks for different markets on the same subject and sell each one separately.

Say you’ve decided to write an ebook on fishing. You could publish separate ebooks on “How to Catch Freshwater Trout,” “How to Tie Your Own Flies,” or “How to Plan a Successful Deep Sea Fishing Trip.”

Almost anything related to the hobby can become a separate ebook depending on how much detail you include.

Ebook Titles Are Critical

The title of your ebook is extremely important to its sales. The title of your ebook doesn’t have to be incredibly clever.

Just include the words “How to” as part of the title and the rest should tell people exactly what the ebook is about.

For example, which of these three titles is the most effective?

  1. “How to have a successful garage sale.”
  2. “One weekend away from a cleaner house”
  3. “How to sell your old shoes for a profit”

Although titles #2 and #3 are clever, a little punchy and correspond with the ebook content, I would still recommend using title #1.

“How to have a successful garage sale” sums it up pretty well and will catch the eye of an Internet surfer who is interested in putting together a garage sale and needs a how-to manual.

So, how-to ebooks are proven sellers and can be a great way to supplement your online profits.


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